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Psychometrics for Human Resource Decisions

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Designed for busy professionals who need to use psychometric tests for Human Resource related decisions. The course runs over 3 live sessions of 3-4 hours each (with breaks) and is suitable for those working as HRM Managers/Officers, Line Managers, Business Managers & Leaders, Careers Advisers, Coaches, Counsellors etc.

Whilst we recommend that anybody using psychometric tests for decision-making undertake our higher level Psychometric Assessment at Work Coursenot everybody has time to do so. This course meets a need for those who want to use tests very soon and who do not want, or have time for, in-depth study. The course combines easy to understand knowledge components with practical demonstrations and small virtual breakout room exercises using Online Psychometric Systems and reports which students will be given access to.

By the end of the online course, students will have a comfortable understanding of psychometric tests of aptitude and personality in terms of how they work, their limitations, reliability and validity, basic interpretation skills for computer-generated test reports, basic  feedback skills, and know how to gather additional evidence from psychometric test candidates and report all of this to decision-makers or use in HR decision-making.

Those who complete the course assignments (end of Unit Quizzes, Final Exam and Practical Assessments) to the required standard will receive a certificate signed by our award-winning registered psychologist and will also be qualified to order The Psychometric Portal from PsyAsia International. This will provide you with access to a number of tests used in HR decision-making.

Topics covered

Psychometric Tests: Pros, cons & limitations

Administering Online Psychometric Tests: Enhancing reliability & validity

Ability & aptitude tests: Interpretation

Personality Assessments: Interpretation


Feedback and supporting evidence

Evidence-based decision-making

***Course attendees will receive one trial version of the Psychometric Portal per organisation. The Psychometric Portal will be used during the training in practical sessions. 30-days after the course, the trial of the Psychometric Portal will expire and graduates may then decide whether to purchase the system at that time, or use alternative assessments.***

BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User

For full details of the course and the certificate from the British Psychological Society, please see our main BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Online Training page.

Our online Psychometric Test Administration Course provides students with the ability to understand and competently practice the administration of ability, aptitude and personality assessments in organisational settings.  Successful completion of this course and the course assessments makes students eligible for the BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Qualification. If you wish to additionally interpret test results and feed back those results in a meaningful way to candidates and decision-makers, you will need to complete BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Training and BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Training after completing this first Level course.

Topics covered

What is Occupational Testing

Categories of Psychometric Tests

Types of Maximum and Typical Performance Tests

Preparation for Managed Test Administration

Invitation Letters

Introducing & Running the Test Session

Test Logs

Modes of Test Administration

Managing Problems with Remote Testing

Candidates with Disabilities

Direct & Indirect Discrimination

The Four-Fifth’s Rule

Justifiable Adverse Impact

UK Data Protection Act

Hong Kong Personal Data Ordinance

Singapore Personal Data Protection Act

BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Course

For full details of the course and the certificate from the British Psychological Society, please see our main BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Online Training page.

Our online BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Course provides students with in-depth understanding in the use of psychometric ability tests in the workplace. It builds competence in the practical application of psychometric tests and ensure ethical and best practice use of these tools in HR decision-making and consulting. Successful completion of this course and the course assessments makes students eligible for the BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Qualification. Prior to starting this course, students must have passed BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User. However, it is possible to register for all 3 Levels of our BPS Certifications in Psychometrics at the same time and receive a generous combined course discount.

Topics covered


Theories of Intelligence

Roots of Intelligence: Nature or Nurture

Two Factor Model – a Compromise

New Directions for Intelligence


Distribution Statistics

‘Normal’ Distribution

Central Tendency

Skew – ‘When Data is Distorted’

Spread of Scores & Standard Deviation

Different Scales

Composition of Norm Groups

Sample Statistics: Standard Error of the Mean

Gender & Ethnicity


Classical Test Theory

Correlational Statistics

Significance Levels

Systematic Error

Standard Error of Measurement

Item Response Theory


Types of Validity

Bias in Validity

Restriction of Range

Criterion Problem

Criterion Contamination

Validity Generalization

Statistical Analysis versus Pragmatic Value

Chance Relationships


Feedback & Report-writing for Aptitude Tests

BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Course

For full details of the course and the certificate from the British Psychological Society, please see our main BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Online Training page.

Our online BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Course provides students with in-depth understanding in the use of psychometric personality assessments at work. The course is for those who have already completed both the BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User training and the BPS Level 2 Ability Test User training and who wish to be able to interpret and provide useful feedback about personality assessment results to respondents and decision-makers. Upon successful completion of the course, students become eligible for the BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Qualification as well as the EFPA Euro Test User Certification.

Topics covered


• Validity Issues for Personality Questionnaires

• Statistical Analysis versus Pragmatic Value

• Chance Relationships and ‘Going Fishing’

• Multiple Regression for Personality Questionnaires

• Correction for Shrinkage


• Developing Questionnaires: Rational, Empirical and Theoretical Approaches

• Methods of Personality and Performance Assessment

• Response Style and Distortion in Personality Questionnaires

• Forms of distortion

• Minimising and Controlling Distortion

• Transparent versus Opaque Instruments

• Ipsative versus Normative Scaling

• Spurious Validity

• Pseudo-Scientific Measures of Personality


• Learning appropriate to the vast majority of personality assessments

• Specific focus on the Identity Self-Perception Questionnaire

• Optional learning and accreditation for the Apollo Profile

• Consideration of multiple other personality assessments


• Introduction to Feedback

• Purposes of Feedback

• Preparation for Feedback

• Feedback Skills

• The Feedback Interview Structure

• Discussing Results – Personality Assessments


• The Interim Report

• The Integrated Report

Identity® Personality Assessment User Course

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Identity® is a British Psychological Society Psychological Testing Centre Registered Psychometric Personality Assessment especially developed for the workplace to predict work performance and assist in development/career decisions

This online training course for Identity enables successful students to competently and ethically use the Identity Self Perception Questionnaire in Human Resources decision-making. By the end of the course, students will understand how to interpret Identity scores and profile charts and link respondent's scores with competencies desired in the role. They will also understand the basics of reliability and error in personality assessment and how to conduct assessment and interpretation to minimise error and enhance validity. The training has been designed at the most basic level to enable adoption of Identity into the organisation with minimal time commitment (i.e, within a single weekend) . For those looking for more advanced training, we recommend our BPS Level 2 Personality Assessment Course (above).

Topics covered

• Course Introduction

• Introduction to Personality Assessment

• Introduction to Identity

• Linking the role to Identity

• Reliability & Error

• Validity

• Understanding Identity Scores

• Interpreting Identity

• Corroborating the Identity Profile

• Using Identity Ethically

Full details about the Identity Self Perception Questionnaire Personality Assessment