Apollo Profile Accreditation

There are three components to online Apollo Profile Accreditation with PsyAsia International. Upon enrolment, you will be given access to the Apollo Profile Basic Competency Course, which is a 2-hour presentation introducing this personality assessment. After completing the Basic Competency Course and passing the short end of course quiz, you then move to the second component which involves downloading and reading the Apollo technical and interpretation manuals and using these to help you understand sample Apollo reports. Once you are happy that you understand the Apollo Profile, you can then undertake the third component, a final online exam. Successful registrants will be able to record their accreditation with the Apollonean Institute and will be qualified to order and use the Apollo Profile Online Personality Assessment. 

Estimated time to complete
-10 hours (includes Basic Competency Course, offline self-paced reading, and online exam)

Enrollment period
-90 days

-pdf certificate will be emailed to all who pass course requirements