BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User

For full details of the course and the certificate from the British Psychological Society, please see our main BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Online Training page.

Our online Psychometric Test Administration Course provides students with the ability to understand and competently practice the administration of ability, aptitude and personality assessments in organisational settings.  Successful completion of this course and the course assessments makes students eligible for the BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Qualification. If you wish to additionally interpret test results and feed back those results in a meaningful way to candidates and decision-makers, you will need to complete BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Training and BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Training after completing this first Level course.

Topics covered

What is Occupational Testing

Categories of Psychometric Tests

Types of Maximum and Typical Performance Tests

Preparation for Managed Test Administration

Invitation Letters

Introducing & Running the Test Session

Test Logs

Modes of Test Administration

Managing Problems with Remote Testing

Candidates with Disabilities

Direct & Indirect Discrimination

The Four-Fifth’s Rule

Justifiable Adverse Impact

UK Data Protection Act

Hong Kong Personal Data Ordinance

Singapore Personal Data Protection Act

Estimated time to complete
-15 hours

Enrollment period
-90 days

-following completion of all course requirements, students receive an invoice from the British Psychological Society and following payment will appear on the BPS Register and receive soft-copy certification